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cell and security.

well, it had to happen someday :(It’s happened most people who have it. well happened to me. 🙂 I lost my cell :(. now, Thats the second time in the last 3 months. Last time i lost my cell i got myself a k750i. Now that had everything i needed. 2 mp camera with autofocus + music player + FM Radio + 1 gb memory card. I lost that day before. Now i’ve decided enough is enough I’m NOT going to buy good mobile anymore.. I’m getting a cheapo Motorola F3. well you can still call and text. should be good enough, till iPhone gets released in Bangalore 🙂

Opera and iFoobar

I tried Opera recently looking for fast lite browser that’d let me browse when i have things like VMware and other memory intensive applications running on my computer. The choice of Opera wasn’t automatic. I didn’t want the sites looking weird nor did i want to spend time trying tweak it to be the way want it. So i went IE7 way. After negotiating WGA 🙂 i finally installed IE7 for a good measure i installed Maxthon 2.0 and AvantBrowser. While Maxthon and Avant browser are damn good IE shells (love Avants Aluminium skin in space saving mode), The setup wasn’t noticeably faster or responsive than my default browser – Firefox. Opera was the last ‘mainstream” choice before delving into some obscure browsers like K-Meleon etc.Having said all this, Opera wasn’t new to me. I was basically looking at opera hoping it’d a faster / responsive Firefox – complete with tabs and extensions . OK i’m asking a little too much 🙂 *cut to the chase*
Installed Opera 9+ the first thing i noticed was NTLM auth was working well. 🙂 the browser was almost i wanted it to be responsive and fast but NOT Firefox.. I consider Tabmix plus, Ablock and resize Searchbar, Yes 🙂 must have features.

1. Most of tabmix plus features i use are already in Opera

2.Adblock translates to block content in Opera and then theres also Urlfiter list

3. Resize Searchbar is not possible. 😦

Opera is a great browser. The space available for content, smoothness (unlike the jerky FF) either when scrolling or while changing tabs is very Opera. Its become default browser now..BUT i still end up using FF to browse.The extensions have a way get pulling you back to firefox. like videodownloader for Youtube

Opera lacks good extension framework – There is userjs and widgets but Firefox exts are in a different league. but the most annoying thing in opera as for me is that i cant resize the opera search field ::( next to the address bar. meh This posts seems to be about silly things that prevent me from using the best s/w available for the job – like the fact i still use winamp because of one and only reason the gorgeus Clear One skin.

Foobar customizations – iFoobar


My Opera setup


I got bored and decided to add Photoshop to my unattended CD _OSXP_. I ended up with an installer with 48 mb 7zipped, not bad considering i had Paintshop Pro taking abt 73 mb on my CD. had to do some msi editing first 🙂 anyway if you want a similar install you could try

1. download modified photoshop.msi – Helpcenter / Bridge and some unneccesary files have been removed

2. create file Abcpy.ini with the following

;Adobe Installer External Configuration File: Abcpy.ini

;Main Section
;The (Product) key is a required key
Product=Adobe(R) Photoshop CS2

;OEM Installation Options
[OEM Install]
SERIALNUMBER= xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx


3. put photoshop.msi in the photoshop installation folder

4. Make an admin install by typing in cmd prompt msiexec /a photoshop.msi

5 copy Abcpy.ini where the installation was extracted

6. make a 7zip installer

Mangalore :)

I was going thro Jeethu Rao’s blog here and noticed something i had missed before lol. Its abt my hometown Mangalore. should i say ex Hometown as we live in Manipal now, ok back to what i missed 🙂 the article and the photo essay in TIME

came across this gem while i was looking for Vista related s/w. Visual Task Tips allows XP to have Vista like thumbnail for windows and best of all this free!!!

Vidual tak Tips

Speaking of free, Well the best free picture editor just became not so free. PhotoFiltre is now Shareware. One of the major change is that Its got layers now.

Corel’s released Snapfire , A photo edit/share s/w. Snapfire is Corel’s attempt to get back into the Imaging Mainstream from the looks of snapfire i’d say highhopes. It comes no where near Picasa

forgot where i came across this

I would love to change the world, but they won’t give me the source code. but funny all the same

Dell != Cool ? Think again :)

Dell is off these days… Resurgent HP (basically HP – Carly :)) and Chinese future-is-me Lenovo are giving Dell a hard time in Sales. PC prices are at all time lows. Apple’s Intel based Macs could be huge threat.

Internally Dell Tech Support is not what it was. Recently there was big dicussion on how to take support back to its “pristine” condition (quoting Mr Dell himself) inside Dell. The agreed solution wasn’t creative or anything. Its the same old idea of throw more mony and people at the problem. Support continues to be Dell’s biggest problem – How to provide quality support for a computer that costs $299.

Dell coughed up big bucks for Alienware for many reasons . One of them was to shake of its dowdy business image. Dell initally tried to tried to be “different” organically with XPS. XPS chasis is really a colored version Dell’s Precision Workstation and was nothing to write home about. Everyone inside and outside were in agreement – Dell was the in danger of becoming Philips of the computer Industry. Its around this time Dell really gave some thought about thier designs. The changes have been evident.

There was portable desktop concept

Portable Desktop

pic src:

and now this


pic src

Programming Is Like Sex


  • One mistake and you have to support it for the rest of your life. (Michael Sinz)
  • Once you get started, you’ll only stop because you’re exhausted.
  • It takes another experienced person to really appreciate what you’re doing.
  • Conversely, there’s some odd people who pride themselves on their lack of experience.
  • You can do it for money or for fun.
  • If you spend more time doing it than watching TV, people think you’re some kind of freak.
  • It’s not really an appropriate topic for dinner conversation.
  • There’s not enough taught about it in public school.
  • It doesn’t make any sense at all if you try to explain it in strictly clinical terms.
  • Some people are just naturally good.
  • But some people will never realize how bad they are, and you’re wasting your time trying to tell them.
  • There are a few weirdos with bizarre practices nobody really is comfortable with.
  • One little thing going wrong can ruin everything.
  • It’s a great way to spend a lunch break.
  • Everyone acts like they’re the first person to come up with a new technique.
  • Everyone who’s done it pokes fun at those who haven’t.
  • Beginners do a lot of clumsy fumbling about.
  • You’ll miss it if it’s been a while.
  • There’s always someone willing to write about the only right way to do things.
  • It doesn’t go so well when you’re drunk, but you’re more likely to do it.
  • Sometimes it’s fun to use expensive toys.
  • Other people just get in the way.


came across this in Peter Harkins ‘s Blog

Customize your BSOD

Ever wanted to change the messages displayed by BSoD’s to something more interesting (e.g. instead of “A problem was detected on your computer and windows has been shut down…” it says “Windows suddenly decided to hate you” ? Read on 🙂




neat trick 🙂 i wonder if color can be chnaged